Springfield Truck Driver Training Review – Paula Killingsworth


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Title: Wow!!
Graduation Date: 7/10/2012

When I went to C1 Truck Driver Training, all I had was the desire to learn how to drive a big truck. I wanted it and was willing to work for it. I met the staff and knew I had come to the right place.

When I actually had the opportunity to get into one of those trucks, I couldn’t believe how much more I wanted to do this.  The instructors gave me every opportunity to get in that truck and help me with whatever I was having problems with. Sometimes it was me thinking that I was the problem!

When it came time to take the CDL test they got me ready and it took me a time or two, but every time I went I did better and better. Now I am a CDL holder working for Prime! Thanks C1, you guys are GREAT! Mike and Paul, you guys deserve an award! Thanks to everyone there though that helped me: Ryan, Gerald, Dan, Roy, Steve, and DJ. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again, C1 – I’m spreading the word wherever I go.

Paula Killingsworth

Hey Paula -

It’s great to hear from you, and I’m very happy that things are going well.  Your statement that you wanted it and were willing to work for it is huge!  That mindset, combined with a positive attitude, are paramount to succeed in our program.  You never gave up and never let anything get in your way.  The tenacity that you demonstrated day in and out was incredible.  I would have liked to keep you around so you could give classes on keeping a positive attitude no matter how tough things got.  :  )

You also talked about how your “thinking was the problem. ” I think what you’re referring to is “over-thinking.”  We see that here on a fairly routine basis.  Sometimes it can be hard to just execute the process the instructors are teaching you, and trust completely.  After you learn the process, you need to trust that the process works.  Some people struggle with that, and when that happens, we start to over think what we’re trying to accomplish.  This creates doubt and confusion, which unfortunately can do us in.

Thanks for the kind words Paula, and know that we are all rooting for your continued success.  Always put safety first, and drop in to see us when you can.

Take care!

Rich Campbell
Springfield School Director
C1 Truck Driver Training