Making a Truck Driving Career Change Later in Life


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Truck driving career changeMany students come to CDL training to learn the skills needed to start a 2nd or even a 3rd career at a later stage in life.  You can make a truck driving career change well into your adult life and there are still plenty of opportunities available.

We see folks from all walks of life coming through school, and each one of them has a vision, an idea of what they’re hoping to gain from a new truck driving career.  Hands down what I see more than anything are the people that come into school looking to start a second career.

A Truck Driving Career Change

There’s many reasons for this, and unfortunately the biggest reason is the current state of our economy. Let’s face it, things aren’t real good out there right now, and who knows when it’ll get better.  Trucking, however, is one profession that is virtually recession-proof.  Are there certain sectors of trucking that can slow down when times get hard??  Sure, but all you have to do is identify which carriers are still moving which products.  Goods are always going to move; you just have to stay tuned in to what’s current.

Another common theme I see is the retired professional that is looking for something completely different.  They have worked their entire adult life in a cubicle or some other sort of office environment and after retiring from that, decided they wanted to travel and see the country.  This is a great opportunity to not only travel the country, but actually earn a pretty good living while you’re doing it.

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Advantages of a Career Change

There are some big advantages to coming into trucking with some real work experience and age on your side.  Everyone has the potential to succeed in this business, but if you come into this field as a seasoned professional, whatever that profession may be, you WILL succeed in this business.

I recently had a student come through that was a retired university professor from Kenya.    He was a graduate of a university in London, England and taught in Kenya for 20 years.  In his homeland, you are only allowed to work 20 years as a professor, and must retire in order to allow the next generation to have a career.

He considered going back to London, but knew his opportunities would be very slim there as well.  He moved to the U.S. and worked odd jobs, and finally became a taxi driver.  He enjoyed driving and meeting people, wanted to see the country, so he applied for and got accepted by PAM Transport.  He came into school and excelled.  He excelled because his life’s experiences prepared him to do so.

His is just one of many stories that I could talk about, but one that will always stick with me.  I think of him often, and how he is an inspiration for anyone who has doubts as to whether they could retire from one career, and start something completely out of their comfort zone.  With the right drive and determination, you can learn anything you set out to do.