Is Truck Driving In Your Blood?


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If you ask truck drivers why they decided on a career in truck driving, some will tell you, “because it’s in my blood.” But what exactly does that mean? Well, it depends on who you’re talking to.

“Truck driving is in my blood.”

I have heard this phrase numerous times over the course of my career in the trucking industry. When I hear truck drivers say this, I believe it can be interpreted in a couple different ways. Usually when a driver says this to me, I understand it to mean that they have a family history of truck driving; one that has possibly continued over the course of several generations. Maybe their grandfather was a truck driver, as well as their father and/or some other family members. When drivers say “trucking is in my blood,” they are stating that they personally are continuing the family’s truck driving tradition. Another way I’ve seen truck drivers utilize this statement is when they personally feel that they have been over-the-road for so long that trucking is “in their blood” because it’s all that they know.

Following in their footsteps

I think the tradition of truck drivers following in a relative’s footsteps continues because they have seen their family members provide and secure a living for themselves and their family. Due to this exposure, they hear stories of the open road and the independence that truck drivers experience. Maybe they once had the opportunity to ride along with a family member and they got a taste of the over-the-road environment. This exposure to trucking causes the family member to realize that there is a true industry need for truck drivers and that a career in truck driving offers job security. It’s relatively easy to get started in the trucking business if you attend C1 Truck Driver Training. We’ll help you get your CDL and place you with an excellent transportation company, all in around three short weeks!

Being raised around trucks

I think being around trucks your entire life can be very beneficial to your career in the trucking industry. When it comes to actually driving the truck and executing various range maneuvers, being around big rigs your whole life is very helpful, assuming that you were taught to do it safely and correctly. Safety should always be a top priority for truck drivers. If the student was shown the correct way to safely operate the truck, what a wonderful advantage they have! In addition, being around trucks and family members that have been over-the-road can educate the student about what it takes to be successful in the industry. Relatives can emphasize the importance of providing excellent customer service and having good time management along with effective communication. All of these are essential elements in being a successful truck driver.

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Final Thoughts:

For some drivers, there’s no debate on whether they will go into the trucking industry — they want to follow in the footsteps of those people that played an important role in their upbringing. But for others, trucking is in their blood for a different reason — because they’ve been doing it for so long that they live and breathe truck driving. If this sounds like you, apply now to attend C1 Truck Driver Training today!