Truck Driving Job Necessities – Must-Have Truck Driver Travel Items


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The average person does not conceive the lifestyle change that commercial drivers experience when starting their first truck driving job. Staying in your new home, a truck cab, is very different from say, a hotel room or an apartment. Many students will review websites, visit seminars, and converse with driver friends and family, but those who do not research the issue will experience some drastic lifestyle changes. Many new individuals entering into truck driving today have never experienced any type of hardship or inconvenience in their lives. Some cannot cope with it, but with a good lead driver-trainer, most people will adjust after some time.

Clothes for a Truck Driving Job

Through my years as a C1 Truck Driver Training director, I’ve noticed one of the biggest mistakes students make is bringing too many clothes with them on the road.  All you really need are 6-8 changes of clothes. Make sure to bring no-iron fabric. Truck stops have washers and dryers available for truck drivers. Showers are available at the truck stops, usually at no charge to the student. You should remember to bring two jackets — a light one and a heavy one, because within a day, you can experience boiling to frigid weather conditions. You must bring a rain coat because in the truck driving industry, you will occasionally have to drop or hook a trailer in inclement weather such as rain or snow.

Other Helpful Items

Most of the time, you will drive with a trainer for several weeks. During that time, you will make note of what you need when you are on your own. In addition to all the personal items, you’ll want a good flashlight for nighttime duties. It’s also a good idea to bring a calculator, a road atlas, a truck stop directory, an alarm clock, pens and tablets, and any other items that may be needed for any particular kind of freight you may happen to be transporting.

Final Thoughts:

Even with all the personal preparation, you must realize that many times there are other family members many miles away that are making adjustments also. You must be cognizant and take every precaution to make them feel confident and sure of their future. You must communicate with them often and always reassure them of your, and their decision. Regardless of what you do or do not bring, do or do not do, and regardless of discomfort or displeasure, the rewards for truck driving jobs are great and worth it all if you persevere and are determined to succeed.

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