Truck Driving Jobs – Team or Solo?


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If you’re looking for truck driving jobs, you may be wondering which would be a better fit — team driving or solo driving. When making decisions about whether to drive solo or as a team, truck drivers should take into account the pros and cons of each driving situation prior to deciding. I’ve laid out some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of both truck driving job options below.

Solo Truck Driving Jobs


  1. When you’re doing solo truck driving, you are the only person you need to schedule around. This is particularly useful in regards to meals, bathroom stops, and rest breaks.
  2. You don’t have to share your limited storage and living space with anyone else. It’s your space and your space alone.
  3. Scheduling time off is up to you. You are not on someone else’s schedule. You can plan time home with family whenever you want.


  1. You spend a lot of time alone. If you wake up in the morning and don’t like the person looking back at you in the mirror, you’re in trouble because you’re stuck with them 24/7.
  2. At all times, you must be the one to drive and reliably get the load to its destination on time. In other words — there are no sick days in solo truck driving. You can’t wake up one day and decide, “Hey, I don’t feel like driving today!” There is no one there to help you pick up the slack.
  3. Anything that needs to be done outside the truck must be done alone. This includes dropping and hooking, sliding the tandems, etc. It’s in and out of the truck for each step.

Team Truck Driving Jobs


  1. You get paid for every mile the truck rolls, whether you’re driving or not.
  2. All activities that take place outside of the truck can be accomplished with both drivers, making it quicker and simpler to conduct.
  3. You will have someone to talk to throughout the day. Of course, this is determined by your partner’s sleeping times.


  1. You have to share your storage and living space with another person. Space in a truck is very limited, making it a close living arrangement.
  2. You cannot take a spouse or rider with you during your time out because the truck only has room for you and your co-driver.
  3. You must learn to sleep while the truck is moving down the road. Team drivers keep their truck moving over 80 percent of the time, so there’s not much downtime on the road.

C1 Truck Driver Training Semi

Variations in safety training and setup

As a solo truck driver, you’re completely on your own. You must get out of your vehicle at times when backing into docks and truck stops to walk around and check your blind spots. When it comes to safety, it’s you and you alone making sure you don’t hit trucks or other obstacles around your vehicle. Conversely, as team truck drivers, you can have one driver outside of the truck to act as a safety observer when backing into tight spaces or areas with blind spots. This is always a big advantage as the driver backing the vehicle will not need to get out of the truck during the maneuver.

When driving as a solo truck driver, you must be aware of fatigue. When you’re alone in the truck and fatigue sets in, the only solution is rest. This means you must find a place to park and sleep. When you drive as a team, this becomes a non-issue because when you sleep, your teammate will be driving.

Sharing space as team drivers

The truck, while appearing large on the outside, is actually quite small inside. Simply put, space is limited and you must be accommodating to your teammate. When driving, you need to remember that your teammate is trying to sleep. This means playing AC/DC at the top of the radio’s capabilities will not work out well, both for you and for your angry teammate. Remember, when you’re trying to sleep, he or she will be driving the truck. Be considerate to your teammate and they will return the favor. Lastly, space on the truck is minimal, so bring only what you need to get by for a few weeks.

Final thoughts

There are always perks and drawbacks regardless of whether you choose solo or team truck driving jobs. Just remember, you will get out of this what you put into it. Go into either truck driving situation with a positive attitude and you will be fine.

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