Getting to Know the Instructors at Truck Driving School


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During your time at truck driving school, it’s important to realize the impact that the instructors will have on your time at school as well as on the rest of your career. Your CDL training instructors will set the foundation for your success and teach you the basics of the industry.

Our team of C1 Little Rock instructors have a combined average of 20+ years of experience and are well-trained to prepare our students for success in obtaining their Class A CDL; however, their experience is only one of their many areas of expertise.

Our truck driving school trainers also demonstrate grace and success in other areas such as patience, safety, and compassion for each group of students coming through our CDL training program. When working with the students, I rest assured knowing that our instructors will always provide an individual training program tailored to fit each and every student’s needs. The goal is to prepare each student to pass the CDL skills test, and each of our instructors has an area of focus to help the students succeed.

C1 Truck Driving School Instructors

For example, we have two trainers that provide the road and skills training for the Russelville test site. These two trainers are Mr. Odell and Charlie, and they both are very passionate about their jobs and take great pride in seeing their students graduate and move on to their carriers. Charlie and Odell are two fine examples of the type of trainers you can expect to find at C1 Training in Little Rock. Even our newest trainer, Don, has recently been described as a very patient man with compassion for our students.

If there is one thing that we all agree on here at C1, it’s that our students are the most important area of focus. Our weekly goal is to do whatever we can as a team to help them succeed in obtaining their Class A CDL.

We have every student take a survey about their experience after they get their CDL and graduate from truck driving school. We truly care what our students think of our program and instructors, and we do read all of the C1 reviews and testimonials that we get. Here are some of the wonderful testimonials we’ve received lately regarding our instructors…

“My instructor Charlie – Wow I cannot say enough positive things about Mr. Charlie. He communicates in a positive manner, promotes safety, encourages and supports his trainees. He is informative and really knows his stuff. Huge props to Mr. Charlie!”

“Mr. Odell, I must say, is great!!! He teaches with an open yet safety focused mind. Safety first! Much respect!”

“I’d say that Don is incredibly patient and knows his craft. Patience is the number one thing every instructor here should exercise to the max.”

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