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Title: Good Instructors
Graduation Date: 6/14/2012

I attended C1 North Little Rock as a CDL holder that hadn’t driven a combination vehicle in 15 years. From the very first day, I felt I was welcomed. The instructors are good at what they do. The office staff is friendly and efficient with all the paperwork. I can see that the challenge would be greater for someone with no previous combination vehicle experience. It can be done in 3 weeks – I know several that did it. But you really have to apply yourself and listen to the instructors. Thanks to Vanessa, Charlie, Odell, Wayne, Don, Jon, Willie, Dave, Greg, Bill, Scott, Tami, and Virginia for making my truck driving school experience enjoyable.

John Beam

John -

Thank you for the great review! I agree 100% with you that our instructors are excellent at what they do. It takes their expertise, teamwork, and without a doubt, the full focus of each student to be able to excel at this program in three weeks. I am proud of my entire staff and it’s great to hear that all of their hard work did not go without notice.

Thank you for sharing your experience and shedding light on a major factor in graduating from this program. If you listen to your instructors and stay focused, there will never be a doubt that we will train you to get your CDL!

Keep in touch and stay safe.


Tami Simpson
Little Rock School Director
C1 Truck Driver Training

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