Truck Driving – A Second Career For Unemployed Job Seekers


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When you analyze the truck driving industry through the years, you’ll find one thing that remains consistent — the demand for skilled, safe, and dependable truck drivers.  This is just one of the reasons a truck driving career makes a great option for many people currently out of work or looking to make a change.

The Evolution of Truck Driving

For decades after the economic turmoil resulting from the Great Depression, many parents pledged to get a college education in order to land a good job, support their children, and rise above their parents’ economic misgivings. With a good job, their children would never have to suffer as they did during the downturn of the Great Depression.

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After several generations, the country began to see great technological and industrial success. We became one of the most affluent nations in the world, but we had no one to build our houses, plumb our bathrooms, light our buildings, drive our trucks, or deliver all the products that were needed for a successful economy. So, the trucking industry began to evolve in order to adapt to a demanding public, and today, the nation’s largest portion of the unemployed are those with college degrees. There are not enough qualified applicants to fill all the openings for truck drivers, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, painters, and other “salt of the earth” type jobs that are necessary to keep our country operating successfully.

Employing the Unemployed

Today, many who begin a career in the trucking industry have been out of work for quite some time and have been unsuccessful at finding a job in the manufacturing, technical, or industrial fields, regardless of their many years of experience. Even though there may be many fast food and temporary agency jobs, most of these positions lack benefits and offer little to no opportunity for advancement and/or insurance. When these people finally realize that they cannot find a job in their specialized field, they look into truck driving and find that it offers everything they had in their previous job and more.

Many of our past students have extensive experience in management and supervision which is extremely useful in their new career as a truck driver. There are many students that begin a new career in truck driving after retiring from other industries. Their past experiences in organization, dedication, and management give them an edge in the trucking business.

Every week, I visit the classroom to meet the new truck driver training students. I always ask them, “How many of you are changing careers?” and usually, the majority of the class raise their hands. I give them a short testimony of my experience changing careers at 52 years old. I express the doubts, fears, and apprehensions that accompany such a big decision. In order to succeed, you must be committed and determined that this is your destiny and direction in life. I encourage students to use their past experiences as a tool for success in their new truck driving career. I always give each student my business card and encourage them to call whenever they have questions or if a situation of concern arises. I have received many phone calls throughout the years and I think for many, it made the difference between success and failure — it’s hard to grasp the realities of a new career until you personally experience it.

I once had a student that came to me after our meeting in the classroom. He expressed that at 52 years old, he was starting a new career after a long stint of unemployment. He had all the thoughts and fears that I discussed earlier, but he now felt more confident that he made the right decision. I cautioned him about going through the CDL training and learning period and told him that if he never lost sight of his goal, he would achieve it, just like I did. I always assure my students that they can do anything I can do. Many times, they can do it much better.

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