Trucking School Friendships & How They Benefit Your CDL Training


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Trucking School Making FriendsYour end goal at C1 Truck Driver Training is to get your CDL, but you should also make an effort to meet people while you’re attending school.  One of the first things you’ll have to do at trucking school is study for the CDL permit exam.  Forming study groups and making friends with which you can review the test information will help start off on the right track. Once you have passed your permit test, study groups and friends help you to physically and mentally prepare for your final state CDL test. When you are on the road alone, it can be comforting to call someone from your class if you are unsure of what move you need to make next.

Why form groups during trucking school?

When studying for the pre-trip inspection, it usually helps to get into groups of at least 2-4 and use the check-off list to help each other prepare for that portion of the test. When you have partners, studying feels less like a chore and more like a game. It also will ensure that you actually review the material if you have a study buddy who holds you accountable. During the range and road portions of the training, students form bonds with others in their group. They will build up fellow students’ confidence and give them the strength to keep pushing themselves. When a student is struggling during trucking school, they need the support of others. At times, even though the trainers give them support and reinforce that they are progressing, students feel insecure if they are the weakest in the group. If the other students cheer them on and build their confidence, however, they usually will pull through. Approximately 90 percent of passing both the road and the CDL skills test is confidence. A student can be the best in their group, but if they aren’t confident in themselves and their skills, it will make it more difficult to pass.

Staying Connected After Trucking School

Students can share email addresses and phone numbers so that once they are out on the road, they can contact fellow students.  We’ve also seen several students connect on Facebook and other social media sites to keep in touch.  This is especially helpful if any questions come up after training. They can also contact students to see if anyone is in the same area so they can meet up at a local truck stop during their down time. There is so much involved in the truck driver training process, that it is beneficial for new drivers to be able to confirm that they are on the right track. If a student feels lost or unsure, especially if it’s the middle of the night with no way to reach their company dispatcher, they can call a fellow student for help. Also, while new drivers are with their trainers, sometimes it’s nice for them to be able to call their friends from school to see how they have progressed. If a driver feels lonely, it’s nice for them to be able to call or email one of their school buddies for company. It seems that truck drivers like to tell war stories, so they especially like to have someone to share these with. I have past students that still call me to let me know where they are and what kind of truck they are driving these days.

Even though you’re at trucking school to learn, making friends and forming study groups is still a good idea. In the short-term, it helps you because you have people to help you learn the material. In the long run, it can reward you with lifelong friends that you share common goals and interests with.

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