Video: Veteran CDL Training Programs in Springfield, Missouri


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As a retired Navy person, and Director here at C1 Truck Driver Training, I get invited to participate in various activities designed to educate our Veterans on the programs and opportunities available for them out there.  Last Friday, I had the privilege to participate in a Veterans Resource Event at the University of Central Missouri.  I was given the chance to educate Veterans on the wide open opportunities in the trucking business right now, and the ways in which a Veteran can go about taking advantage of those opportunities.  There are a lot of Veteran benefits out there when it comes to CDL training, it’s just a matter of being educated on what’s available.

Here’s an interview I did about our Veteran CDL training programs at C1 Springfield:

If you are a retired/separated Military member, and think you might want to pursue this option, you need to contact us about our Veteran CDL training programs.  We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field, and there are a multitude of ways in which you can kick start a new career.  We are a Veteran heavy staff here in Springfield, so we know what it means to make that transition into a new career and lifestyle.  Now is the time to make that change, and get going!  Contact us here in Springfield as soon as possible, as the opportunities are endless!