Video: 6 Reasons to Start a Truck Driving Job


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Many people enter the trucking industry for similar reasons. Maybe they grew up around trucks. Or maybe the bad economy is hitting them hard and they need a source of income ASAP. We asked C1 training instructors to share some of the popular reasons why people choose to begin a truck driving job. Watch the video to see what they said!

Here’s an overview of why people decide to pursue careers in trucking:

  1. A lifelong dream. Many drivers spent their childhood around trucks and decide to enter the industry to pursue a lifelong dream of driving a big rig across the country. Perhaps a family member that they look up to was a truck driver and they want to follow in their footsteps. Or maybe they just like trucks and want to turn a personal interest into a career!
  2. Hit by the bad economy. In this failing economy, many people need jobs, and quick.  A career in truck driving allows you to quickly get the training you need and get on the road making money for your family. And with C1, you don’t need any previous experience to get a truck driving job in right around 3 weeks!
  3. Job opportunity. With a CDL and some experience, you can pretty much get a job wherever you want. It’s important that you get that year of OTR experience first, though.
  4. Job security. There will always be job opportunities in the truck driving industry because all goods move by truck. No truck drivers = no goods delivered = a failing economy. Where there’s a need for cargo, there’s a need for truck drivers to deliver that cargo.
  5. To provide for their family. At up to $40,000, truck driving offers a great entry-level salary. Most entry-level jobs don’t pay like a truck driving job does. This is a great salary that allows drivers to support their families. And after you get a year of OTR experience, you can expect to earn even more!
  6. To see the country. Some drivers just like to travel, and with a career in truck driving, you get to see the country. Many drivers even think of the traveling portion of truck driving as a paid vacation.

Whatever the reason, truck driving is a solid career choice that is always going to be in demand. Many people have similar reasons for becoming a truck driver, and these are just a few of them.

What were your reasons for beginning a truck driving job? Be sure to share them with us in the comment section!