Video: What If I Fail CDL training?


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Upon arriving at truck driving school, many students worry about the possibility of failing CDL training. This is a common concern and the instructors at C1 know exactly what you’re going through.  In fact, many have been in your same position as a student and some even attended C1 prior to joining the staff as trainers.  Check out the brief video to hear from instructors on some of the ways they help students get through any setbacks to reach their goal of obtaining a CDL!

If a student is struggling during school, it’s commonly due to an inability to focus. This difficulty focusing is frequently caused by one of two things: nerves, or study difficulties. Sometimes, it’s simply a mental roadblock caused by the anxiety of school and the worry of failure that prevents students from excelling at trucking school. Often it’s all in their head. Other times, they have difficulty getting back into the habit of studying, as many of these students haven’t had to prepare for an exam since high school.  It’s important to remember that your instructors WILL provide additional help if needed.  Also, remember that your classmates are there for the same reason as you – so make some new friends and form study groups.

Everyone learns at different paces, and some people just need more time than others. That’s ok! It would be unrealistic to expect everyone to grasp everything at the same time. The instructors here at C1 want to see you succeed, and will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goal of becoming a truck driver.  Sometimes that may mean staying late or pulling a student aside to provide additional help.  Remember, they’re committed to your success and their job is to make sure you learn everything you need to get your CDL.

While some of our students have previous truck driving experience, the majority arrive for CDL training with very little knowledge of the industry. Do not worry about entering the industry with a fresh start – trucking school is designed to teach you the basics first. After you’ve got the gist of the basics, you’ll build upon your existing knowledge as you work your way through training. Everyone has to start somewhere, and this method allows students to become comfortable with one section of training before they move on to another.  Everyone was a beginner at some point and you’ll be surprised at what you can learn in right around 3 weeks!

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