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Title: Working Hard at Trucking School
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When I first came to trucking school I was nervous and didn’t know anyone. I was outside my environment. But over the first few days I met some good guys. So much was crammed into the first week, but I stayed up late and worked hard and received my permit the first time.

Then came week 2 out on the road. At first I didn’t think I would get the hang of double clutching, but I was wrong. Day two I was doing fine! By the end of week 2 I could drive, do the skills test, and perform the pre-trip. I learned that in 8 hours.

If you’re willing to step foot in this door, study hard, and listen to the instructors, you decide whether you pass or fail. The tools are there, you just have to use them.

Chris B.

Good to hear from you Chris, and I agree 100% with you that if you focus and listen to what the trainers are teaching you, believe in yourself, and give 100% every day, that is half the battle and no doubt you will pass the course in 3 weeks just as you did.

Your group was an inspiration to others. It was great seeing that you guys not only believed in yourselves, but formed a bond giving each other the confidence that everyone in your group would also pass!! Great job :)

To all of the future students, just as Chris said, this course is not a piece of cake. It takes dedication, hard work, serious focus, and the ability to listen to the trainers and do exactly what they say. In the 3 weeks you are at C1 Truck Driver Training, you will not only acquire the skills to give you the tools to be employed in one of the top industries in our nation, but you’ll also have the opportunity to start lifelong friendships.

Keep in touch Chris, and stay safe!


Tami Simpson
Little Rock School Director
C1 Truck Driver Training